Hello all,
As most of you might know, on Wednesday nights we have met in our building in downtown Waco – a building that we acquired in 2007 in an effort to reach out to people living in less than desirable conditions in the slums of Waco. In time, we found our efforts of evangelism shifting more to our own young people and to those relatives and friends who had come to know us at our community property – Brazos de Dios – and the local community at large, and wanted to begin worshiping with us. So, in the spring of this year – in keeping with that shift – we decided to make a move out to our community property, and have been meeting in the large auditorium we have for Easter and Christmas services and other larger services. However, our desire from the beginning has been to build a smaller building, perhaps more suited to the size we are as a Wednesday night group.

And so…Welcome to our new blog! Last week we broke ground on our new fellowship hall, and have been working on it (as you will see) literally night and day in hopes of meeting our goal to have it ready for use next March! Follow here as we post updates on this project that is so exciting for us, and that we hope is exciting for you. Along the way, we may share news of what God is doing in other places, too – it seems God is doing a lot in many places all over the world, and we hope these updates will inspire and encourage you to be all that you can be for His kingdom.

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